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Quick tip for Ignite/PechaKucha presentations

In a moment of clarity, I realized that my ipod screen is roughly the size of a 3×5 index card. So I’m putting my notes for tonight’s Ignite Boise 5 right on the ipod, solving two problems: (1) the screen is backlit so I can actually read it on stage and (2) I can scroll down with one finger, leaving the other hand free to hold the mic.

I’m just formatting the notes into a 20-page (20 slides=20 pages) Word doc with roughly 3 inch page width and e-mailing it to myself. Anyone who wants to make an iphone app that does this in a slicker way (maybe incorporating timing, or auto-scrolling) is hereby free to steal the idea.

American love exile links for Ignite Boise presentation

Tonight I am “performing” the first public presentation of my research to the Ignite Boise crowd at the Egyptian Theater in Boise. It is a crowd heavy in tech, with a slightly palpable conservative bent … I’m thinking of making my next Ignite Boise pitch an analysis of the politics of Ignite Boise, but that’s a different story.

It’s also a free event, with beer, tailored to the short attention span set (AKA Twitter crowd). In other words, I have 5 minutes to convey 10 million years or so of immigration love stories. So I’m relying on some racy mental images in order to grab the crowd’s attention. But if anyone is interested in reading a bit deeper in this field, here are a few links I mention in my presentation.

For Census numbers, see:

Love Exile (my term) blogs:

Pop culture references:

And finally, contact me here if you have ideas, stories, questions or concerns.

Prepping for Ignite Boise

I have already heard some concerns about my upcoming Ignite Boise presentation, entitled 12 Million Hardons, so I want to clarify two things in advance. (Maybe three things … should “hardon” be hyphenated?)

Here is the short description that will someday appear on the Ignite Boise website:

12 Million Hardons
I will provide a 5-minute Spanglish history of illegal immigration to the United States from the point of view of American citizens who are sleeping with the undocumented. The point of the talk is to open up a new front in the immigration debate: the impact of deportations on American citizen partners/spouses/families of the undocumented.

Yesterday, in an unrelated incident, a potential source told me I needed to, “look more deeply inside of yourself in areas around race, class and all kinds of privilege.” Over the weekend I was inadvertently rude to someone while explaining the topic of my research. Then another woman I respect told my wife that my preso title was sexist.

So here are my two clarifications:

(1) Hardon is a metaphor for “deep relationships” and they go at least three ways. I will be talking equally about foreign-born men and their U.S. citizen or permanent resident ladies, women from abroad who hook up with American dudes and same-sex couples, who get the short end of the short stick in immigration matters (just to confuse the metaphor even more).

(2) I think I actually covered both clarifications above, so just come to the event before you judge. The free advance tickets are gone, but if you show up at the Egyptian around 7 p.m. on Oct. 21, you will probably get in. It’s free. ($20 and some identification for you, Sheriff Joe.)

(3) The Ignite phenom forces a speaker to get an idea across in 5 minutes utilizing 20 slides, which auto-rotate every 15 seconds. All I’m saying is, I needed to find a metaphor that everyone could grasp, so that I can quickly get onto the meat of the presentation.