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Crapo backs some kinds of stimulus

Sen. Mike Crapo, who told us last week he is skeptical of federal stimulus spending, tells the Associated Press he likes fed money for nuke cleanup. Crapo in Seattle P-I: “This is exactly the kind of thing a stimulus package should be composed of.” Crapo to Hoffman in yet unpublished interview: “My belief is that the notion that we can spend ourselves into prosperity is one that is not valid.” $6 billion is on the table for cleanup spending as part of stimulus package; Crapo and Sen. Jim Risch are signed on. H to the T.

ITD audit a big duh

Idaho shells out $450,000 to state the obvious: roads need more care. Senate transportation chairman John McGee: “It reiterates what the governor’s been saying for the last two years-our roads are falling apart … You pay a little bit now, or you pay a heck of a lot later.” ITD does not even know what it needs to maintain. But the study may bear fruit: JoAn Wood: “I thought it was very well done – it was exactly what we wanted. We were so concerned last year that we were not able to get the information we felt like we needed. We couldn’t justify to our public any increase where it was not clearly beneficial to the whole state.” Russell at

But Wood, who runs the House Transportation Committee, told the AP she wants to see changes in the department before it gets new funding. Read the full report here.