Anderson gets tased

Anderson tased

Rep. Eric Anderson about to get a shock.
Lobbyists fulfill their true role.
Photo by Al Noyes.

Rep. Eric Anderson of Priest Lake agreed to be tased Thursday as a bill to regulate stun guns as concealed weapons died in committee. You can watch the whole thing on Channel 2 (click on Watch Video)… Anderson was quite proud that he did not go into TITS (Taser Induced Tourette Syndrome).


Photo by Al Noyes

Nampa Rep. Steven Kren, an electrician by trade, had sponsored a bill that would have made “conducted energy devices” — Tasers or stun guns — concealed weapons in Idaho. Kren declined to be shocked Thursday, telling PaleoMedia that the godfather of the bill does not get tased.

The bill died 7-7 in House State Affairs Thursday. The bill had the support of law enforcement.

Anderson, on the other hand, bragged about the experience all afternoon, though he ONLY lasted about 3 seconds.

Another bill to prevent felons and a few other categories of people from carrying Taser-like weapons passed the Senate and is headed to the House.

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